The Magic of Beer Can Chicken
2024 March 19

Beer can chicken and it’s derivatives are my favorite thing to cook. I have laid out in this post some notes on cooking it well, and how to do it right. It’s not something that is explained easily or obviously. These are my personal notes on how I do it, and will be updated as I learn new things about it.

What is it?

Beer can chicken attempts to fix the dryness of your typical grilled chicken by adding a steaming liquid. The steaming liquid doesn’t seem to matter, so long as it’s flavorful. I’ve done it with beer and with wine. I got similar results each time. You can season it in many ways with many different ways.

The Rub

Cooking it

Cook it to an internal temperature of 165F. This will generally take about an hour.

The oven or grill should be preheated to about 350F.


I prefer to cook it using a jig that collects the drippings to make gravy with. If you don’t have a jig I recommend adding a collecting vessel beneath. I find that gluten free flour works pretty well to make a rue. Specifically the king author flour.

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Written by Henry J Schmale on 2024 March 19
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