Unicode Character Code Decoder
2018 April 21

This application decodes a unicode string into it's character codes, and names. It's meant to come in handy with CTF events. You enter your string in the form below and it will print out a table with the decode of it. I created it because I found it really difficult to find a decent decoder that gave me the actual codes.

This can come in handy when looking for zero width unicode characters. As it is difficult to see them, and who wants to look them up by hand.

You're limited to max upload buffer of 60000 bytes with program. If you want to decode more than you should learn python and the unicodedata package.

JQuery DataTables is included to make searching easier, but if know the right tools you don't really need it to get things done.

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Written by Henry J Schmale on 2018 April 21
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