Fountain Pens
2018 February 22

Fountain pens are one of the most amazing things on the planet, and in my personal opinion they are the best writing instrument ever.

I love my fountain pens. I feel like they are easier to write with, and among the best of writing utensils. Fountain pens write with very little pressure, unlike ballpoint pens where I have to scribble to get them to write, so I can get back to writing sooner. I also get to choose what ink I use, so I can choose something truly permanent that won’t run, and will last for many years unlike ballpoint pens. Which would fade or just become illegible. I feel like I have better handwriting using a fountain pen than I do using a regular boring ballpoint pen. It’s much more interesting to use a fountain pen. I feel much more sophisticated and complex by using a fountain pen. Although fountain pens aren’t used much anymore, I feel like everyone should try using a fountain pen.

However using a fountain pen does not come without downsides. A fountain pen costs quite a bit more than a regular ballpoint pen. A good fountain pen will run between $10 and $20, but it more than worth it. Especially considering that one wouldn’t lose it with how much it would cost to replace it. You also have to buy ink or cartridges, which may or may not be cheaper depending on how you view it. If you care about the Earth you consider disposable pens kind of nasty as they can’t be reused or recycled, violating the 3 R’s. Fountain pens can be refilled and easily last for decades with the proper care provided you don’t lose or break it. That is extremely unlikely though.

Fountain pens are something from a more cultured past. They might be old technology and uncommon, but I truly believe that fountain pens are much better than modern fountain pens. You should totally try using a fountain pen like a Pilot Metropolitan or other fountain pen just don’t go too cheap.

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Written by Henry J Schmale on 2018 February 22
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