A Complaint About Modern TVs
2016 July 22

I recently bought my first TV and I have to say that the audio quality on them just does not live up to some of the older TVs my family has had. The old TVs had such dynamic range to them, and the audio didn’t sound tinny. On my TV, all the audio seems to lack feeling to it. It’s just pathetic. How the mighty have fallen, in order to sell us more junk like sound bars and stuff. Just a few years ago TVs actually sounded alright without a sound bar, and now you kind of need to buy one to make it sound correct. It is sad, this death of quality. Such a shame.

I know its a flat panel, but come on it can’t be that hard to make it sound good. I’m not an audio snob, but it really does not have good response. It sounds as bad as cheap dollar store speakers, and with how much I spent on that TV, I expect it to sound at least as good as my twenty dollar speakers, not great, but good.

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Written by Henry J Schmale on 2016 July 22
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