Things I Created or Worked on

Build Atari 2600 Games Entirely in Browser

This allows you to build an Atari 2600 game entirely in browser and run it using an emulator in browser. There’s several example programs for you to start with and build your own game with. It was built using emscripten to allow the assembler to run in browser.

The IDE running on desktop

RSA Demonstrator

A simple demonstrator of RSA encryption. It allows you to pick 2 prime numbers to generate an encryption and decryption key. You can see the intermediate steps laid out, and how you would take those keys to encrypt an integer.

I got featured on hackaday for this.

Http Log Analysis

A series of scripts to parse views of this website with some visualizations in R. It’s a full suite to analyze how my posts are viewed in aggregate. This project receives regular updates as I make new visualizations.

A Counter Android Application

A limited counting application that will let you count things up, and help record what is going on in your life all locally, without any interaction from the internet that you, the user, does not choose i to specifically enable. Inspired by a data analysis in an anime I saw, I decided I needed what they had so I had to create it. It’s open source, and its under active development by me.

An Android Mileage Per Gallon Tracker Android Application

A very simple application I made to learn the basics of Android development and stay sharp on Java in mid-2019. I was also enchanted by a sql query to compute the information entirely in the database using window functions and CTEs. It’s free and open source. You can get the source code from GitHub.

Photobooth Newspaper Web App

A webapp to make custom newspaper style articles for a photobooth at a party. I made it for my grandmother’s 75th birthday. It’s powered by PHP and LaTeX to generate the articles. It used to use the HP eprint service to automatically print the articles, but it’s gone now.

PA Lottery Visualization

Visualizes the distribution of daily number games for the PA lottery. Also attempts to compute the paired frequency, that is if X is drawn, what is P(Y | X)? It’s configurable, and can select over many date ranges. There’s also some pre-defined views, like the daily number over year to date, 1, 5 years, or all time. It’s updated daily with the new numbers.

Partially Automated Aquaponics

I built a partially automated system for the practice of aquaponics, the combination of raising fish and plants together. This provided monitoring and an online dashboard of the state powered with R shiny. Data was collected from sensors interfaced with an Arduino communicating over a serial port to an Intel NUC that ran the dashboard and scheduling. I built it at Harrisburg University for my project 1.


A site designed for writers to post all kinds of fiction with various linters and tools to promote their work. This was implemented using Node.JS Express and a MySQL backend. I have shutdown this site now due to lack of interest, but the code is available on bitbucket.

Useful Scripts

A collection of useful scripts written by me for various purposes. It contains scripts to convert CSV data to SQL insert statements, system backup scripts, and analysis scripts. All of the code in this repository is well-commented.

Fictional Characters Database

This was a database of fictional characters and their appearances in pop culture and various forms of media. I created this because I wanted a resource to look up episodes of a series where a certain character appears or event occurs. However, I have taken it down since then, due to insufficient traffic. You can download the source code at bitbucket.

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