Who Am I?

Hello and Welcome to my website!

I’m Henry. I currently work as a software test automation engineer at Deloitte. I like to build cool things. One of the cool things I built is my website. I have various interactive tools and data visualizations sprinkled around my site. I’ve also written a lot of tutorials on topics like Linux and Bash.

I have many hobbies. I like to create new and interesting things, and I have an interest in a large variety of topics. My interests include computer security, fundamentals of technology and mathematics, and a little bit of electronics. I also like to cook.

I previously participated in the Coding Club at Millersville University. I was the secretary for the coding club. If you plan on attending Millersville, I recommend you join.

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I am also an a fairly active user on StackExchange, as you can see from the flair above.

This blog is powered by Jekyll, which is a static site generator. It has a minimalist design with a limited amount of css, in order to take a stand against the bloat that is affecting the web today.

Web Site Statistics

Here’s a few statistics about my site, and how it’s laid out.

  1. There are currently 109 published posts here.
  2. I’ve written here since 2015.
  3. There are 143 distinct tags on this site
  4. There are 419 tags across all published posts.
  5. A post has a mean of 3.84 tags.
  6. I’ve written 58760 total words in posts since I’ve started this site.

My Friends

Here’s a couple of my friend’s sites. Most of them are engineers, and other software engineers.

John Maguire
A cool person from IRC. Does a lot of security and database work. Senior developer worth checking out.
This is a site made by a friend on IRC. He’s an electrical engineer and talks a lot about math.
Ryan Goldstein
A medical device engineer, and financial wizard.
A cool person who I help with proofreading stuff. Lots of interesting articles.


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