Fedora 27 Review
2017 November 24

I recently bought a new laptop, and I put Fedora 27 Workstation on it, and it is much better than my previous impression. Things are functioning much better than my encounter Fedora 25. There’s proper integration with services. Things are working out of the box and with RPMFusion, it is the single best distro out there for desktop work.

The installation was very smooth. I had no hiccups besides a corrupted bootable which happens from time to time for me. Although you do have to set a wireless network outside of the installer, but that’s no big deal maybe a note should be included. It then booted into the wonderful GNOME desktop, and initial configuration was a breeze. Although I don’t really like using standalone mail clients. It was easy to setup, and I get my calendar too. Also connecting to Google Drive seems to work, and requires no additional setup. It’s nice to be able to directly browse it now, without additional setup.

The other nice features include built in virtualisation from the get go, and source control tools by default. These features allow me to get set up faster as a developer, and futz with my machine less. In fact, even the mirrors seem to be much faster. This release has been better than my last use of Fedora.

The only major issue I had was getting Spotify to work in Firefox, because I have decided that I am done with Chrome. To solve this I had to add the RPMFusion repositories, and install all of the gstreamer1 plugins along with ffmpeg. This allowed Firefox to playback the representation that Spotify was using for the tunes. This was a non obvious issue to solve, as there was no error message on screen.

Overall, I have to say that Fedora has once again become my daily driver, at least for machines that don’t have a discrete graphics card or are laptops. This release is quite splendid with all the new GNOME magic and night light features that have been available on my Arch machine for like 3 months. It is truly amazing how far Fedora has come in a few short months.

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Written by Henry J Schmale on 2017 November 24
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