Gripes with Fedora 25
2017 April 18

I’ve recently upgraded to Fedora 25, and I’ve run into some issues with it, and I’m not as happy with it as I used to be. I still like Fedora, but it feels like some issues are beginning to pop up with it.

I upgraded via dnf from 23 to 25, and I encountered issues with my PS2 keyboard being recognized. It seems that PS2 keyboards no longer work or at least my personal favorite keyboard, the IBM model M. This was resolved by getting another mechanical keyboard one that uses USB, and monoprice has some nice ones at a very reasonable price.

Additionally the kernel upgrade to 4.10 resulted in the official NVIDIA driver having installation issues due to the split of kernel header. Luckily several kind souls have released patches for the issues encountered. This was entirely NVIDIA’s fault, but it was frustrating as with everything related to graphical environments in Linux.

Another issue is the boot screen lacks the polish I’ve come to expect from Fedora. It will just hang at this loading bar like thing that does nothing. There is a very noticeable and intolerable delay between pressing the escape button and seeing the boot status. I realize that Fedora is redhat’s testing distro, but this just feels wrong. I might just end up making a move to another distribution at this rate.

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Written by Henry J Schmale on 2017 April 18
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