Technology Student Association Tips
2016 January 31

I participated for 4 years in Technology Student Association (TSA). These are some of the things that I learned to be successful at the competition as a student.

1. Time Management

You need to get started on your project as soon as possible in the school year. If you don’t you will not have enough time to get it done. I have seen projects that were not started until the last minute and they were terrible. So as soon as you get your packet, you need to get started on your project. If you don’t then your project will be substandard.

2. The Notebook

The notebook is the most important part of the project at least for those events that require a notebook. The majority of your project points rest in the notebook. The teams that win are the ones who put a lot effort into the notebook as well as the rest of the project.

3. Follow the Specifications

Every event for TSA has a detailed set of specifications each competition. These rules packet tells you every requirement for your event. Make sure you read them, and follow them to the letter. This goes double for the notebook, because the rules tell you everything that must in your notebook.

This was a big problem for me every year, as I never did the notebook quite right. I usually did not write enough in my notebook to win.

4. Enjoy the Experience

TSA is an excellent experience, and you need to enjoy it to get any benefit from it. As such have a good time participating in the competition. You can only compete while you are in school, so take advantage of it, and do good in whatever event you choose to compete in.

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Written by Henry J Schmale on 2016 January 31
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